Artist Statement △ △ △ △

tetr4's artistic process is a meditative creation of abstract images that are an amalgamation of subtle geometric elements fused with organic shapes created by use of contrasting colors, shading, and an obsession with line work. He sees his art as a visual conversation with the audience; his work could be described as a type of “communal Rorschach test” meant to expose the viewer's individual subconscious thoughts and emotions. tetr4's psychoanalytical intention is amplified by the amorphous imagery in his paintings that engage the individual's imagination and provoke transformable intuitive perceptions.

Related Thoughts:

"The main premise from which we start to consider the ART, not as a 'rehabilitative psychotherapy', with a value essentially social and recovery, but as a 'reconstruction of psychodynamic psychotherapy 'is, first, the theory developed by Freud about the function of the artist: the Viennese neurologist artist's fundamental function is to put the individual in communication with his unconscious and allow him to revel in the fantasy 'without reproach and without shame', releasing deep tensions of the psyche."


Painting to me is the truest form of visual expression because it projects from the heart, not the brain. The brain to me cannot by itself be artistic because it operates in a mechanical, logical manner; one that relies on patterns and linear construction. Mathematically based artwork to me looks more like masturbating with equations. It's like, "Hey! Look! The universe has a structure! Amazing!!! Let's exploit it, duplicate it in a retarded medium, and marvel in its beauty!" Yea, let's waste our time doing that instead actually using the structure of the universe for productive means like making people happy and transforming culture, not proving to the public that artists can be good at math. Anyone can do that; go read a book. In the mean time I'd rather attempt to create my own structure for the universe; one that has no logic and one that accepts all answers, not just one.